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and minoring Journalism. Today, I emailed to you to declare my course goals and expectations, and explain my English writing experiences.
First, I would like to explain my course goals and expectations. My first goal in this class is writing my assignment professionally in a various situations and formats focused on business style. Because I am an international student, English is my second language, so even English itself is quite challenging for me. Particularly, it is hard to write in English effectively with different types of business formats. I have had a few experiences using English as a business professional like creating Cover Letters and resumes to apply for internships. Though these experiences, I realized that phrases and words are different between academic style and business professional style; I struggle to use the correct tone and format. Thus, one of my goals in this course is writing and communicating in a variety of contexts and formats as business expert. During this course, I would like to expect to learn to proper use of English as a business professional. In addition, I expect to concentrate on topics that relate to my industry, which could be law, finance, human
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I also took English 112 and 122 in here, North Dakota State University. However, both classes are specialized for international students, so it is the first time taking an actual English course in the North Dakota State University. For business English, I have a little experience with sending Emails to professors and applying for job through online. However, as I mentioned above, English is a second language for me. Even though I have some experiences write both academic and business English, it is still challenging to write English like a native speaker. Therefore, I try to write solid English considering varieties of audiences and
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