Nike's Success In Football Since 1994 Case Study

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1) Explain Nikes success in Football since 1994

Nikes strategy in the marketing world has evolved every year, growing and becoming stronger and more world wide known. In 1994, Nike in the football world was small and wasn’t keeping up with the big competitor of Adidas.
Nike took every chance they received to grow their brand internationally which started off with the world cup in 1994 in the United States. Nikes revenue for football started off as $40 million dollar business and grew to a 1.5 billion business in just 15 years. The CEO put a new strategic management in place when they decided to partner up with the Brazilian National Team. They decided to market towards 13 year old football players and fans and aimed to build that culture. The change of the target segment, they believed that the target gave them a different opportunity to grow as they hoped to have exciting new products and marketing methods. Nike kept growing and taking the opportunities at each world cup to keep expanding. Nike released different ads and products that
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They originally focused on 12-14 year olds to help put the dream and aspiration of being the best they can be in there minds, but changed the target to 17 year olds in hoping to that 17 year olds would want the actual equipment and tools to be the best they can be. I think this is a smart target choice. As an athlete myself, when I was younger I didn’t really care on what brand I was loyal too. By Highschool and college is when I started to become a big nike fan and thought about the actual quality of the product. Having a segment that can think for themselves and being aware of what they are buying Is key. 17 year olds understand the quality and can buy the product themselves, while 12-14 year olds wouldn’t notice if they got a cheaper quality product and wont appreciate it as

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