Plato's Definition Of Happiness Essay

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The search for happiness has long been the topic of many researches and discussions. As a result, the definition of happiness varies from person to person and Plato was of no exception from this. He chose to dedicate his life into increasing the awareness of man’s way of living. In this regard, he believed that happiness is found when justice is present in the life of an individual. Justice, as defined in the dictionary is behaving according to what is right and fair. However, Plato goes even beyond this definition. He understood justice as a special sort of balance and harmony of the soul. Harmony is attained through the satisfaction of the desires and fulfillment of the three components of the soul, which are reason, spirit, and appetite. Reason is the desire for knowledge and orderliness. Spirit is the desire for self-defense and self-worth. Appetite is the desire for worldly…show more content…
The good thing about it is that we always have the option to choose. Doing what is just has and will always be our choice. We shouldn’t just give in to our desires, but address to it with rationality. Our actions would always have consequences we need to face and Plato’s teaching should be a constant reminder that even if we choose to do the unjust and get profits, these are all just moment-pleasures. It is in man’s human nature that our pleasures cannot be fully satisfied which is why we tend to continue acting unjustly. However, our conscience can only bear so much and in the instance of burst, it might cause endless regret and self-doubt. On the contrary, focusing on acts that are just might not make as much material profit or gains, but surely it would bring a man, confidence and boldness—living life untroubled and happily—because in truth, our daily life decisions will be the ones that will bring forth happiness or misfortune. This is why true happiness is definitely a choice everyone’s privilege to
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