Explain Social Learning Theory

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• There are many other ways by which people interact and get a chance to know each other better. There are things other than festivals, customs and celebrations. A society is a place in which people live amongst each other and deal with each other on a daily basis for more of a recreational purpose. It is very necessary to have a friendly atmosphere which is warm. This is also very important for the children that live in the society to have friends around the place that they live. It is important for them to live in an environment which is friendly and not hostile because eventually all this has a very big impact on the mind of a child and also becomes a dependant on the fact that due to this hostile and lonely environment a child may grow…show more content…
To understand this better, it is important that the concept of Social Learning Theory be discussed. Social learning theory is a theory that attempts and aims to explain the purpose of socialization and the effect of such things on the development of individual young people. There are many different theories that explain the concept of socialization. Some of these theories are psychoanalytic theory, conflict theory and symbolic interaction. Thos social learning theory aims at looking and observing each individuals learning process at each stage of their lives and how such people of the society influence the individuals. The theory of social learning keeps in mind the formation of one’s identity to be taken in as a learned response to the social stimuli. It mainly focuses on the impact of socialization on the society rather than on individuals. It talks about how the society is affected on whole. It is said that social learning is the result of transforming oneself in response to the expectation of others. Behaviors and attitudes develop in response to the encouragement from the people around in the society. Socialists also say that the theory studies carefully the experience of people in their childhood and also it is believed that the identity that people acquire is formed by the behavior and attitudes of others that are around…show more content…
ECONOMIC GROWTH: Undoubtedly the most important aspect of the growth of any place/ city is measured in the terms of its economy. The livability conditions of a city are directly proportional to its economic growth. It is the people of the city, the public at large that determines the economic status of the place. If the people are given ample opportunities and a supportive environment to grow economically and make progress, it will in turn boost the overall economy of the place and boost its economic growth. Thus, to ensure better economical growth of the place, it is important that the government first provides the people of that place, a suitable and a proper environment to work
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