Explain Some Cases In Which You Would Perm/Temp-Ban

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Explain some cases in which you would perm-ban/temp-ban -
Below is some examples of when I feel it is alright to ban. Following the OpCraft rule guide.

Disrespecting staff -

Disrespecting staff consists of being rude, a nuisance and even hateful towards. People need to remember that staff are humans as well. The staff on OpCraft have a very important job and that requires patience from both them and players, sometimes players can get inpatient and be convinced that staff aren 't doing their job when they actually are. Players may think that the staff are not working, simply because they do not see them banning people or active in chat but what they need to understand is that there is more to do than just control and monitor the server, as important as that is there are things behind the scenes as well. If I am accepted as staff I plan on balancing my time with both regulating, controlling and monitoring players actions and words as well as working on inside tasks and projects for the server.
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Spamming chat is very annoying and can upset a lot of players. I believe after one warning, if the player has not stopped spamming, there will be mute time.

Racist remarks and excessive racism -

Racist remarks and excessive racism is not right what so ever and I do not approve of this. If someone were enforcing racist remarks on another, there will be consequences such as mute. However, if the situation is more serious such as out of game threats due to religion, ethnic background, race ect. There will be more permanent consequences
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