Explain The Arguments Against Whistleblowing

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This chapter focuses on whistle blowing. It could be justification of whistle blowing, is there a right to blow the whistle? The Arguments for Whistle protection and the arguments against whistle blower protection. The introduction states that whistle blowers often pay a high price for their acts. And given a high price a whistle blower always takes the bate. In some cases, not all. The chapter talks the what is a whistle blower? It is basically a person that release of information by a member or a former in an organization. The evidence is illegal and or immoral conduct in the organization. Next you must have information on the person. You cannot assume on whatever information you have on a former employee or person. Last the information is generally evidence of misconduct to the organization. An example a former employee named Becky worked for she told me that It was lady stealing checks. Some people knew she was stealing checks but they were afraid to say something because she had a lot of seniority and she worked at the bank for a long time. The employee told me that one-day new woman came in started the new job with us. One Wednesday, the new employee sat next to Becky to start…show more content…
They basically do not want anything to do with issue. And sometimes a dishonest whistle blower knows what’s going and doesn’t want to snitch on their employees. The example that use earlier, I put the employees that worked at bank as a dishonest whistle blower because the supervisor did asked the employees have you seen this lady steal checks and they just waked away. A loyal whistle blower the can act on the persons behalf. Meaning they are an agent who engaged in an act that interests with another person. Is the new employee that worked at bank knew something was wrong and she act on it. Even though she didn’t have any evidence, the only thing she had was her
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