Explain The Barriers To Effective Communication In Health And Social Care

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As I have previously mentioned, communication forms the basis of all relationships. Even the very first exchanges of communication between people can determine whether meaningful and trusting relationships will be created or if potential conflicts may rise.

It is vital that during any type of communication that respect for the individual(s) is always demonstrated, and this is a standard which is expected. The general social care council's code of practise states that ' communication should always be conducted in an appropriate, open, accurate, and straight forward way. Working in this way can aid others to feel trust and confidence in your abilities. Communication needs to be equally as effective with work colleagues and other professionals to ensure
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Sometimes, unknowingly, we ourselves could be the cause of poor communication. Therefore, there is a most definite need to consider all aspects of communication, even down to the very basics. By being forward thinking, observant and reflective we can work towards ensuring that we are assisting communication rather than hampering it. For example, professional jargon, terminology and acronyms should always be avoided when communicating with service users, their family and friends. One of the keys to effective communication is being able to communicate on the same level as the individual and therefore it is self explanatory why the use of jargon and such terminology will create barriers and feel impersonal.

Other factors could include:

Cultural differences

This could include using words in a different context, speaking with different inotation and tones.

Values or belief systems

Values and belief systems will be different amanongst individuals and these may impact upon how the individual cocommunicates and how they receive and interpret messages of communication

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