Explain The Concept Of Human Resource Management

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1.1 Introduction The term ‘human resource management’ was being used by Peter Drucker in early1950s without any special meaning, and usually another word for ‘personnel management. Human resource management (HRM) is concerned with the ‘people’ dimension in management. Every organisation is made of people, acquiring their services, developing their skills, motivating them to higher levels of performance, and ensuring that they continue to make their commitment to the organisations. The terms "human resource management" has been replaced by the term "personnel management" as a description of the processes involved in managing people in organizations. Hence we can say that (HRM) is more than Personnel Management, and it includes employing people, their development & utilization also maintaining and compensating their services according to the job and organizational requirement. 1.2 Objectives • Understand the concepts of human resource management • Explain the importance of Human resource management • Describe the functions of HRM • Explain the qualities of Human resource manager 1.3 Definition of HRM Definition- Edwin Flippo defines HRM as “planning, organizing, directing, controlling of procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and social objectives are achieved.” According to the Invancevich and Glueck, “HRM is concerned with the most effective use of people to achieve
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