Examples Of Capital Crime

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Review Questions 1 Name two examples of capital crimes. Two examples of capital crimes are murder and treason. 2 Name two examples of federal crimes. Two examples of federal crimes are embezzlement and failure to pay child support. 3 Explain the difference between jails and prisons. Jails are meant for people serving a small amount of time as a result of a misdemeanor. While prisons are meant for individuals spending time beyond a year for felonies. 4 What is the difference between probation and parole? Probation is the punishment the offender receives when given a sentence and parole is when a person has been serving their sentence and will allow the offender an early release date from prison. 5 What are the three factors judges consider when setting bail? The three factors judges consider when setting bail include is how serious the crime was, how much evidence the prosecution has, and…show more content…
Since house arrest allows the individual to reside in their residence with of course rules to follow, but they are in their comfort zone. While community service allows that person to really see how the world is functioning and how their actions cause a tear in people’s lives that they do not even know. 4 Should community service always fit the crime, or should these sentences be based on the needs of the community? Explain. Even though some judges have made community service fit the crime it did not sound like it was benefiting the community. Hence, the community service should be based on the needs of the community. Since community service is essentially meaning help the community. Why allow an individual to wear a donkey suit and prance around when there are individuals in need the basic necessities of life. 5 Do you think its fair that some first-time offenders have to serve jail time while others are allowed to enroll in diversion programs?
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