Explain The Factors That Influence On Child Development

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The principles and values relevant to factors which affect a child 's physical and language development, include ensuring that the practice is child centred, as this will result in then being able to reach their full potential while within the setting.

One of the first values for when a child 's development has been affected, is to put the child first, as we have a duty of care towards them. One way in which we can put a child first, it to ensure that, while they are in the setting, that they get well balanced and nutritional meals, as some families might not be able to afford 3 full meals a day, especially when there are more than one child within. By providing services such as breakfast clubs and free school meals, it means that all children will be getting food which will help with their physical development as they will be getting enough nutrients to fulfil the growth that from their genetics. By putting a child at the centre of care, this could also include using their interests within the setting, as it can help and encourage children to develop their language skills, as they will be more willing to learn. This is supported by Kelly, from published May 2016 (accessed 04/01/2018), who states that "Confidence and self-esteem will be raised if a child’s interests are followed", which also includes their English and literacy skills. During the early years, this is very important, as encouraging a child 's literacy skills, will result
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