Pair Programming Case Study

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1. Highlight five principles underlying Agile that lead to accelerated development. With each principle, identify one contrary situation that could compromise the same accelerated development principle (10 pts). • Customer involvement • Incremental delivery • People on process • Embrace change • Maintain simplicity Customer involvement is a first principle of agile methods. Retailers must involve closely by using development process. Secondly, increment delivery that the software is developed in increments with the customer specifying requirements to be included in each increment. The other principle is when individuals do not process. It is significant to have the skills of any kind of development team must leave to develop their methods…show more content…
Peer programming is also another name of pair programming. Programmers are people who their job is to create computer programs. The meaning of a pair programming means two developers are making codes together. In this type of programming, one programmer is typing and other it is observing. What makes programming for effective than two programmers, it is when they concentrate on the code which it makes less mistakes and failures. In this case, both programmers can discuss a different structure, solutions and implement. In pair programming as both the programmers are constantly sharing their ideas, views of knowledge, confidence of both the programmers will get increased. Two individuals programming mean there are two people who they are trying to accomplish a necessary task by sitting at a single computer together. Also, it is more likely that one of programming to knows that it has encountered the problem. It is easier to allocate the correct time to obstacle before going back to the drawing…show more content…
In a globally connected and distributed development teams, what strategies (2) and technologies (3) can be used to make Agile (including Scrum) effective? Please provide the strategy and technology with two supporting sentences to explain each in the content of Agile/Scrum. (10 pts) In a globally connected and distributed development teams, they need to deliver new versions for evaluation which it can be used to make Agile including scrum effective. Similarly, it will make effective by using extensive tools to support with minimal documentation for focusing on working code. Furthermore, there are some technologies that it can be used to make Agile and scrum effective. New versions may be built several times per day and all test must be run for each build and accepting if tests run successfully. Based on the iterative development, the needs and solutions are evolved between the self-organizing teams with cross functions through the collaboration which it is referred as the software development methodologies as a group. Agile development has been stated with the Agile Manifesto concepts which it has been developed in the industry of software. It encourages, the best practices in engineering which tends to deliver the software product with high quality inspection and adaptation frequently teamwork with philosophical leadership, accountability, self-organization, satisfaction of customer needs achieving the goals of the

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