Explain The Four Crucial Components Of Higher Education Research

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4 Crucial Components of Higher Education Research
Higher education research plays a key role in business, academic and even government affairs. However, there are certain crucial components that all higher education research groups need in order to be successful.

The Right Human Resources
Higher education research projects involve difficult tasks, uncontrollable expectations and limited financial resources. Therefore, the only people who will succeed will be those with the right training, knowledge and background. Competition will be fierce for higher education research positions, but all human resource decisions must be ethically and objectively made. The ideal candidate will have the right blend of education, core competencies and research
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However, many university and research organizations lack an overall strategy that unites employees and departments together. Additionally, different departments often compete for scarce financial, human and equipment resources. As a result of this lack of coordinated effort, administration may seek grants for projects that the research and development department won't be able to utilize. Therefore, upper management needs to unify department heads into a collaborative group of professionals who commit to agreed upon research targets. After this happens, management can properly direct employees to coordinate and communicate with each other in order to reach collective goals and research objectives.
Living Documents
Different departments and employees may share the same vision for research, but they will be unable to achieve success without proper goals and documentation. Higher education research borrows many principles of modern business-based project management. That is, each research project must have a strategic plan with deadlines and objective, measurable goals. Therefore, department heads should apply the techniques of project management to create and maintain budgets, progress reports and actionable goals. All of these should be living documents that are continually adapted and updated to current
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