Explain The Importance Of Effective Communication With Children And Adults

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For children and young people to develop positive relationships it is crucial for adults to model effective communication in the classroom.As a teacher or teaching assistant, you have the platform to facilitate social learning and lead by example. One of the main reasons why effective communication is important, is because it makes children feel happy and comfortable at school, and in your presence. Not only will this help children to thrive in a learning environment, but will also filter through to their lives at home and outside of school. By showing an interest in what a child has to say also boosts their confidence and self-worth. This will enable children to want to talk and play with others and lead them to have positive interactions…show more content…
As a teaching assistant you can give children and young people the tools to building relationships by modelling appropriate behaviour. To encourage trust and understanding, it is necessary to ensure that children understand instructions. Whether for an activity or a fire drill, any miscommunication of instructions can lead to misunderstanding and feelings of unease. When giving instructions it is important to make them simple and concise so that children can remember them. It is really useful to ask concept checking questions after giving instructions to ensure that everyone understands, and then if necessary, repeat the instructions in a different way. Children just like adults, have good and bad days. Sometimes, a problem at home that you aren’t aware of can cause children to be withdrawn and moody. We should be considerate to how they feel and try to understand why they are acting in a certain way. We can show we care and respect their feelings by giving them space to come to terms with their emotions and…show more content…
By planning what we want to say, it is much easier to deliver clear and direct messages, whether it be speaking one-to-one with a parent or attending a governors meeting. However, written communication comes with the disadvantage of lacking any sort of body language. Non verbal communication such as emails to colleagues or written student assessments are easily miscommunicated if not carefully worded and easy to comprehend. It will make it much easier for both the student and their parents if there is a clear and consistent system for marking work - something as simple as tick boxes of ‘can do’ statements for lower primary students. This will also reassure those parents whose first language is not English, and will lead to less concern about their child’s progress. Although emails are without body language, it is still easy to communicate positively in this way. By responding to emails quickly it shows interest and attentiveness to the matter in
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