Explain The Aims Of Equality Policies And Procedures

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All the early care setting should have equality policies and procedures in order to avoid any form of discrimination. The UN Convention on the Rights of the child 1991, states that each country should protect children from discrimination and to promote children rights. Equality policies and procedures should include children, staff members and families. Each setting should set up their own policies and procedures in relation with the current legislative framework – The Equal Status Acts 2000 to 2004.
Policy is a strategy, rule, plan or guideline proposed by an organization/individual in order to help taking decisions and action in achieving organization’s goals. Procedures are actions, steps taken in order to apply the policies in the setting.
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The aims of equality policies and procedures in early child care and education is to encourage children and adults to achieve their full potential, making the environment a place where everyone feels valued and respected. The staff working with children should improve their knowledge about culture, beliefs and disabilities, in order to prepare children to live in a diverse society. Having written policy and procedures in the setting will help the staff to provide a high quality childcare practice. Staff and parents meetings should be used also for discussion about discrimination and prejudice concerns in order to be solved and to create new strategies and programme to use for making children understand the equality and
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