Delivering Customer Service Case Study

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4.1 Describe organisational procedures for unexpected situations and your role within them When unexpected situation arise, we need to ensure that we stay calm and work at a steady pace to ensure that we are making no further errors. If customers are complaining regarding something, we ensure that they are not left holding on the phone for us to resolve a situation we will ring them back. If any major issues arise we need to make our Manager aware. We need to ensure that we evaluate what has happened, why and how we can prevent the issue from happening in future, ensuring that we offer a valuable conclusion to the customer. 4.2 Describe resource implications in times of staff sickness and holiday periods and your responsibility at these…show more content…
Information needs to be readily available to both customers/colleagues and service partners in order to maintain high standards of customer service and build customer confidence. Delays in providing information could result in customers losing interest or damage our reputation causing customers to take their business elsewhere. 4.4 Evaluate the organisational procedures and systems for delivering customer service The organisation has set procedures and systems in place to support all our processes and help maintain expected service standards and service levels. All our procedures are detailed on the company intranet and our regularly reviewed and updated by our service improvement team. You can find step by step instructions for all process to help guide advisors and develop their confidence. For example we have procedures in place for monitoring quality – this involves having all calls recorded for security purposes to help protect ourselves and the customer but also for training purposes. Every staff member will have a monthly review by our manager/s and KPI’s checked against quality standards to identify compliance failures, training needs or to identify any strengths and weaknesses in order to develop their skills, knowledge and…show more content…
All feedback is collated and reviewed by our complaints team and our service improvement team who will communicate key information and updates through boxes and packaging monthly briefing and through regular updates on the company intranet. Any feedback I receive from customers is recorded on my system and I also relay this back to my manager. This is also the same when I call customers regarding after sales service. if it is a complaint it will be passed to our complaints team and on occasions discussed with my line manager (depending on the situation). 4.7 Evaluate the organisational procedures and systems for recording, storing, retrieving and supplying customer service information All staff has access to our Information which is an internal system which has been recently introduced to help improve communication throughout the organisation and to make information easily accessible to everyone within the company. When accessing information all staff must be logged onto the systems using their own personal log on details to ensure compliance with data protection and company procedures. When dealing with customer we have all account/invoice information for each customer stored on the company database which includes full notes from all communications with the customer and any other third parties.

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