Unit 5 Health And Social Care P1

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The legislations, policies, processes, and code of practices have established the responsibility of employer in the regulation of social care worker. These standards are being set at the national level as they require the social care providers to comply with them. The codes are important step in the introduction of the system of regulation for the social care within four countries of the United Kingdom. They are required to ensure that people working as social care providers are required to understand their responsibilities. They are required to be provided with the appropriate training to handle vulnerable groups requiring assistance from social care providers. They are required to respect the rights of service users while ensuring the fact that their behaviour is not required to harm physically or emotionally. They are required to uphold the confidence level …show more content…

It helps them in different ways for improving their current conditions. The physical intervention is beneficial for the restoration of physical strength as it includes the appropriate exercise and therapies for the movement of joints. For this, there is a provision arable for external appliances. For the success of physical intervention, psychological intervention is considered to be important (Coppock & Dunn, 2009). It helps the people with specific needs in raising their morale while building the positive behaviour towards their life. This therapy helps in the treatment of depression, suicidal tendency, and changes in personality, and anxiety. The educational and vocational interventions help the patients of specific needs to gain their independence in their daily lives. This further helps the people to gain the knowledge along with the accurate information about the recent conditions in such a way that they can implement the approach of self-help in development of their independent life (Johnson & Souza,

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