Child Care Observation

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I did voluntary work as part of my Systems of Knowledge project at BeeSmart Childcare Centre. As a responsible citizen I was responsible of the children at BeeSmart. I took care of the children, I drew with them, I played with them, I feed them, made crafts, listened nursery rhymes with them and also watched cartoons. I took care of the children between the age of two and three years old. I tried my best to be a good example for the children and helped them in every situation. I also told them to be comfortable and play with the others. There were some children that were new and they were scared in the beginning because they were never far from their guardians. Values are the importance, worth and usefulness of something. Values affects a…show more content…
The values that I observed and analysed in my journal entries are the behaviour, participation, sharing, motivation and also creativity. When the children participate it affects them for the future as well. This is because they learn to say what they want and also give their opinions. When they participate they communicate more with others because they are free to express themselves. Participation is important for the children because they can tell their opinion about the subject and also learn more. They also learn new skills, have fun and have a closer connection to their community. Sometimes children find it difficult to share but they need someone who tell them that it is a good thing to share with others and by time they learn. It’s important that the children share little things in their lives because on the other hand, in the future the children will share more precious and important things. When the children share they make more friends. Motivation can help children to give their best to succeed in something. By motivating the children, they can doing things much better. Parents should motivate their children by giving them something that they like so then the children have a…show more content…
It is important for the children to be creative because with the creativity they can express a lot of things. A child can be creative by imagining and therefore will have different ideas from the others and sometimes is important that he will be original from the others. The children were a lot creative in the drawings. Every child is born with his own creativity. Creativity shows that everyone is unique and also have different ideas from the others. Creativity is like a way of expressing oneself, from the early age. Although they still didn’t know how to draw well they made use of different colours. Everyone has its creativity and also imagination. The young children must develop and generating their own original ideas. Creativity can improve some of the abilities such as self-esteem and motivation. The children can express themselves when they are
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