Explain The Importance Of Working With Respect To Children And Employment Policies And Procedures

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United Nations Convention of the rights of the child 1989. They have the right to be safe and looked after and children have the right to be protected from harm, injury, exploitation by those who look after them. Education Act 2002 governing bodies, head teachers, local education authority and those who work in schools to work together ensure the safeguard of children and are free from harm. Children Act 2006 out organisations working with children their duties and expectation work together to safeguard children. Children Act 1989 Parent and professionals looking after children ensure the safety of children Protection of children Act 1999 legislations to ensure a system is in place to list individuals who are unsuitable to work with children do not gain employment.…show more content…
All staff trained and procedures are put into practice and communicate concerns that a child is at risk are communicated to relevant agencies. Disclosure and Barring Service DBS employee have access to criminal record to decide if a person is suitable for employment especially when working with children. Staffing and employment policy which details staff to children ratio, not being alone with children at any time, having the correct qualified member of staff, all staff and volunteers to be CRB checked, staff development training and keeping up to date with all policies and procedures. Health and Safety policy aims are to make staff aware of any health and safety issues to help mini risks and hazards to enable children to be in a safe and thriving
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