Explain The Motives For European Imperialism In Africa

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Have you ever wondered on why the europeans went into Africa? In the 1500’s europeans could not go into the interior of Africa, until the Industrial Revolution took place. The Industrial Revolution is a time period where technology was getting better to make europeans life easier. Europeans began running out of natural resources to keep up with the constant use of natural resources. When the technology became better, Europeans were finally able to go to Africa and get more raw materials. What was the most important motive for european imperialism in Africa? The motives for imperialism in Africa was political competition, moral duty, and most importantly economic motives. A motive for european imperialism in Africa was political competition. All together there was 7 countries that colonized Africa.“ Make your country a royal throne of kings… the world a source of light, a center of peace. This is what England must either do or parish.” (doc B.) Britain needed to gain as much land as they could to show how powerful and great they are. This is what Britain needed to do or there country would be defeated. Germany eventually found about about what England was doing and decided to do the same thing. “ When the german reich centuries ago was at the peak…show more content…
Although, moral duty is a big part in european imperialism in Africa, it 's not the most important. Europeans went to Africa because of the industrial revolution. “ the industrial revolution led to many discoveries and inventions to help take over Africa” (doc c.) Europeans were going there for raw materials, power, and more trading post. Britain mainly began helping because it was the right thing to do when the British began taking over Africa. Europeans wanted land, power, and more raw materials. Europeans went into Africa for natural resources in order to keep up with the industrial revolution to keep gaining
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