Explain The Opposites Of Bigness According To Socrates

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Plato claims that the soul is immortal because of his argument of Opposites, to which I agree.
Socrates says, “For all things that come to be… [come] from their opposites if they have such...” and “…those that have an opposite must…come to be from their opposite and from nowhere else.” (70e) Socrates argues the opposites of Bigness and Smallness. For something to be considered big, it must have first been smaller, and for something to be considered small, it must have come from being big. (70e) Sleeping is the opposite of being awake. If someone is sleeping, they came from being awake, and if someone is awake they came from being asleep. Socrates argues that there is a process of moving from one opposite to the other; for the sleeping example,
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