Explain The Principles Of Nutrition And Food Safety

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Fluids and Nutrition
Understand the Principles of Hydration, Nutrition and Food Safety
8.1 a Food safety, hygiene and sanitation is important in food handling. For instance, cleanliness of the environment, hands and body is necessary to ensure that there are no contamination and bacteria that can lead to more diseases. For example, throwing thrash in proper places reduces rats and flies in cooking area that can result in food bacteria and contamination. The hand washing, and using clean and well managed utensils, and kitchen surface must be ensured, in handling food, make sure that hands are sanitized or clean. It is also needed to use hairnet to reduce hair fall from foods. It is also best to refrigerate foods when not in use to prevent spoilage
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However, a diet with too much salt, chemical or sugar, especially from processed food content can lead to various diseases that weaken the body. A good diet consists of healthy foods with a combination of carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral, fiber and protein that comes from various food groups such as fruits and vegetable, bread, rice, and potato, milk and dairy products, and food and drinks with low fats and sugar. The recommendation of dietician or physician should help the patient to make a good diet plan.
8.1 c. Some of the signs and symptoms of poor nutrition are as follows:
1. Malnutrition or lack of balance diet, and overeating harmful chemicals like junk foods can result of different diseases such as overweight, underweight and obesity problems that can lead to more serious problems such as diabetes or heart disease.
2. There are also physical manifestation of poor nutrition such as weak muscle and energy, increased skin infection, constipation, gaining or losing weight
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