Explain The Role In Supporting A Baby And Parent.

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There are a number of roles involved in supporting both the baby and parent(s). From the minute parent(s) find out they are having a baby, health professionals become involved. These include:
Midwife – The main provider of care for a pregnant woman is a midwife. Midwives are well qualified and skilled to ensure full support is given throughout pregnancy and during birth.
Obstetrician – A doctor who specialises in pregnancy and birth. Obstetricians can be heavily involved if there are issues during the pregnancy.
General Practitioner (GP) – will provide care throughout pregnancy and beyond when the baby is born.
Health Visitor – They offer support and guidance once the baby is born. They will visit parent(s) during the first ten days and offer support and guidance when needed in the first couple of years. They also offer support groups for new parent(s)
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A GP is the first important point of medical contact when a mother finds out she is pregnant. There will then be shared care between a GP and Midwife. During pregnancy a GP will arrange tests, check health, ask about previous pregnancies and look at medical history. The GP is the first person to go to if there are general health problems during and after pregnancy. During the birth a GP may attend a pregnancy if there have been complications. After the pregnancy a GP will usually see a new mother six weeks after birth to check physical and emotional health, including recovery from birth and checks on a baby’s health.

Health Visitor
Health Visitors are trained nurses who support and educate families from pregnancy through to the Childs fifth birthday. The Health Visitor is key for the first few weeks after the birth. They make sure the health of both mother and baby are good and offer support and guidance where needed. After the first few weeks, Health Visitors can be seen at a child health clinic, Children’s centre or GPs.

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