Explain The Role Of Communication In Health And Social Care

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supportive ties with service user who came from a different background, religion and culture. People with communication disabilities are at risk of not being able to communicate effectively with their career. The different context which communication can be explained is one to one, group, formal, informal communication.
One to one communication is way of one individual communicating with another, this can be presented to be interpersonal interaction and it can also be done face to face, e-mail, letters, and sign language. One to one interaction is always effective as both of them will be working together effectively and interacts well. For example, one to one communication can take place in a community care home where the service user is talking about their personal problem with the career and the career is helping the individual out with their problem, this is part of effective communication as the one to one interacting is working positively.
Group interaction – is a process by which verbal and nonverbal messages are exchanged between a limited numbers, usually from 3 to 20 people. This normally happens in a meeting such as school, hospital, care home and college within the staffs. In the course of the group communication, every individual will try and get their ideas and thoughts across
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Respect and trust is a key part of communicating with colleagues because it will make the job you are partaking and individuals will find it much better to transfer confidential information. An example of this would be if a newly employed nurse or doctor wants to meet another health care professional they would have to ensure their first meeting sets a good impression, they could show this by being welcome and friendly towards them which by giving them respect they would get it in
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