Explain The Role Of Communication In The Business Environment

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The following are a number of different ways to communicate in the business environment; Verbal - This is speaking on face-to-face basis. This is the most common way to communicate within the business environment. Non-verbal - This can be communicating with hand gestures, body languages and eye contact this would usually happen if you are talking to someone across the other side of the office. Written – This can be communicating through e-mail and letters. E-mails are regularly sent around internally within businesses as well as externally. E-mails are usually sent round internally so you don’t need to move from your desk and also if anyone is discussing something confidential, they are again used external for a number of reasons, to book meeting to send formation etc. 2. Describe the…show more content…
Explain the importance of using correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and conventions in business communications It is key to make sure everything you send via e-mail or letter is always grammatically correct and spelt correctly. The best way to make sure it all makes sense is to use spell check at least once if not twice and get someone near to you read over it to make sure it makes sense. The reason this is so important is because it creates a professional image and also shows accuracy. It’s not even for the person externally reading the e-mail or letter I think it’s important for my standard of work. 4. Explain the importance of using appropriate body language and tone of voice when communicating verbally It’s extremely important the body language and communicating verbally is always positive. Personally being the first person visitors see when they come to SOLA’s office, it is always important to make sure people feel welcome and comfortable. It is key to look well-presented so you will make a positive perception on others. Being smiley and happy also breaks down any barriers people usually have when meeting someone for the first
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