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Another role of the FMHN is to promote recovery. Care that promotes recovery enables the patient to integrate into the community and also balances power and priorities between the nurse and the patient (Dorkins and Adshead 2011). This can be difficult and very challenging especially in forensic settings due to the offending behaviour of the patient (Dorkins and Adshead 2011). In a situation where patients are on their way to recovery, are given therapeutic leave to attend groups and to the community. This can help with their recovery and also give the patient autonomy. The patient can also feel trusted. This can improve the therapeutic relationship. On other hand, in a situation when the patient returns from leave and is searched, the patient might view this as staff not trusting them and can lead to a relationship breakdown. This was witnessed by the author around procedural security. This can be effectively managed by explaining the rationale for conducting a search to a level which the patient understands.…show more content…
This can be challenging at times due to the power distribution with team members. Hamilton (2009) developed the see saw model which help with power balance. The nurse can use this model by reflecting where they are on model. This will help find a balance between care and control in order to achieve balance in relational

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