Explain The Roles Of Different Agencies In Safeguarding

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There are several organisations that will be involved when a child has been harmed or abused for example, police, schools, psychologist, GP, health visitor, NSPCC, probation service. All of them will have roles and responsibilities to ensure the child is protected and devise a plan to ensure the child safety. A few responsibilities are as follows; Police: The police have legislation to adhere to to protect the children. Children have the right to be fully protected (Children’s Act 2004 to safeguard and promote the welfare of children). They can investigate child abuse cases as they have specialist training. The Police also have powers to enter premises to ensure that children are immediately protected against significant harm. Schools: Schools have a duty to protect children from harm and abuse of any kind, they should identify any concerns and to act upon this information. Staff to attend child protection and first aid courses; if there are specific cases staff should undergo appropriate training on medical issues on safeguarding all children. The school should manage risks appropriately such as internet. Under the Children Act 1989 the school must refer children and provide information to the police for future criminal proceedings that might take place under child protection issues. Psychologist: Ppsychologists provide assessment and diagnosis,…show more content…
This is so children feel safe and secure to enable them to develop effectively. Staff need to understand that the policies and procedures are put in place to protect children and what they can do in their role to ensure they are following them. There are many policies and procedure in place not only to protect children but staff too, each school should have a display or folder to outline these. A few examples
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