Explain The Significance Of Nick's Point Of View In The Great Gatsby

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Explain what Fitzgerald achieved by using Nick 's point of view to tell Gatsby 's story? Nick has a different view and is unbiased with what he sees. 2. What do we learn about Nick Carraway in the introductory section of the novel? Nick considers himself as an unbiased person. He is new money and rich. 3. What is the difference between East and West Egg? West Egg is made up of self made people and new money. East Egg is old money. 4. Compare the homes of Nick, Gatsby. and the Buchanans. How does each home reflect the personality of its owner? Gatsby’s house is extravagant and big but empty because he is the only one that lives their. Nick’s house is a modest West Egg house where he tries so hard to have his house look rich. The Buchanan’s…show more content…
6. When Nick leaves the Buchanan 's house, he is "confused and a little disgusted." Why? What does this suggest about his values? He is confused and disgusted because he realizes that everyone gossips about each other in the town. 7. Though we do not meet Gatsby until Chapter 3, we hear references to him in the conversations of others. Note each reference. What impressions do you get? The impressions you get from Gatsby is he 's mysterious, love sick, and hides away from everyone. 8. Why did Nick Carraway come to the East? Nick came to East Egg because he was working in a bond business and rented a house. He also wanted a new lifestyle and was ready for a change. 9. Why do Daisy and Tom Buchanan invite Nick to dinner? Daisy and Tom invited Nick to dinner because Daisy is his cousin and Nick was also new to the town. 10. Why does the phone keep ringing at dinner? The phone keeps ringing at dinner because Jordan is calling him. 11. Describe the first time we see Gatsby at the end of Ch. 1. What is he doing? When Nick is finally home, he sees Gatsby standing on the lawn with his arms reaching out toward the dark water. Nick looks out at the water and he sees a green light that might mark the end of a
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