Explain The Six Stages Of A Family Interview

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After I reviewed all the stages for an interview, I figured that I would be comfortable with all of the six stages. I know that I will be comfortable with all of them because my interviewee will be somebody I am very familiar with. It is not going to be uncomfortable or intimidating to conduct an interview with someone you know. In the case where it is somebody that I was not familiar with then I would use the first stage. I would be most comfortable with the arrival stage because it involves small talk. Using small talk allows the interviewer and interviewee to get acquainted with one another. It is a way to get to know each other and get comfortable in a short period of time. It can make the interview less tense and nerve wrecking. On the other hand, I think ending the interview may be a little challenging. I would…show more content…
The family experienced many stressor events that can be broken down to the ABC-X model. The first family’s stressors was their infertility issue. They were finally able to have babies because of using infertitliy treatment. Then, their twins bought on more family’s stressors because of their premature births. Their premature births led to different health issues. The birth of the twins caused a stressor on their son, Billy, because he received less attention. The family used many different resources to deal with the family’s stressors. Marsha’s parents help with taking care of the babies because they live close by. Also, their other friends and families help Marsha during the day with the babies. The family would also turn to prayer as a resource. Overall, the family is doing a good job with copying with the family’s stressors. They are both remaining optimistic and very happy about being parent’s. The fact that they were able to stay joyous and positive defined their situation. The Peabody family successfully dealt with all of the stressors by using their resources and supporting each

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