Explain The Stages Of Development In Young Adulthood

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This stage takes place in young adulthood from around age 18 to 40. Going into this stage, young adults have formed their identities and start looking for close, meaningful relationships like marriage. If we cannot find such relationships, or can 't keep them, we may start to feel isolated. During this stage, I was able to find a spouse and form a meaningful and profound relationship that led to marriage. However, there was a time when I felt like maybe I would not find a partner to share my life with. My friends, during that period in my early twenties were a few years older than me and were starting to get serious with their partners. While getting married and having children was not on my mind yet, I definitely wanted someone to share my life…show more content…
Yet, instead of dating, I was spent most my time working and the rest of it with friends and their partners. Seeing my friends in loving relationships did make me feel isolated in a way, and I started looking more actively for an intimate relationship. When I did found someone, I was fully committed and have been ever since. As this stage is not limited to our love life, but also includes intimate friendship and strengthening existing relationships with family members. My relationship with my mother, for example, has deepened and become more solid than it was during my teenage years. I have a few close friends that I regularly talk to. However, this is something where I think I am lacking. Moving around the globe was not helpful in maintaining friendships and can be isolating at times. It is something I am still trying to figure out, but am positive about, as I think I am open to forming new friendships that could possibly develop to intimate and meaningful friendships in the
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