Explain The Stages Of Language Development

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Children’s language develops through a series of identifiable stages. Communication begins even before a baby is born,at the time of conception. this is evidenced by babies in the womb communicating in the form of a kick or a nudge in response to a familiar voice or piece of music. The first stage of development in the process of children learning to use language is the pre-linguistic stage. Babies use this stage to learn how to communicate with others through eye contact, smiles, touches and cries, this is referred to as non-verbal communication. During the first stage of life, babies rapidly learn how to communicate with their carers, so that by the age of 12 months, most babies understand what is being said to them and are starting to communicate their needs by pointing or by showing their carer objects.…show more content…
They have developed their own word for an object or person and use it consistently. They then go on to using a single word to express several meanings by changing the sound and using gestures. As they grow children gradually put two words together to form a mini-sentence. Stages of language and communication development from birth to 7 years can be understood through the chart

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