Explain The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation

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Having a weak central government created a whole new set of problems. After analyzing the Articles of Confederation the weaknesses outnumbered the strengths. Such as states not having to obey the laws and ignore taxations because they had no authority to enforce them. Congress did not have the power to collect taxes from the each of the states, that was one major weakness especially during the Revolutionary War because instead of getting the money they had to ask the states for money and the states said no. At that point the government should have put their foot down and enforced a new law, their troops were fighting for their freedom and these people didn’t care.Instead the government in response had no money to pay for the war so they printed money causing inflation and soon money became worthless. Colonist had…show more content…
Congress wrote up laws to punish the rebels but because of the Article of Confederation, congress could not raise up an army so that meant that federal government could not stop the rebellion. The government should have come together soon after this and made the decision to make better laws for the government to control the people.I can see why the people rebelled but it was originally the peoples fault for not helping the government fund the war but it was also the government fault for not thinking about all the scenarios before making the law. The rebellion then went on until the state of Massachusetts made up an army and fought Shay’s Rebellion. Shay’s lost the battle and those who survived were put to death. The aftermath of the catastrophe made the people see how weak the Articles of Confederation really was. Afterwards it led to the development of the
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