Explain The Task 1.1 Years Old's Holistic Development

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In my three activities I plan to help develop a 1 year old’s holistic development, which includes their social, physical, emotional, cognitive and linguistic development, but I will primarily be focusing on their physical development. Normative is defined as, “Establishing, relating to, or deriving from a standard or norm, especially of behaviour” (Oxford Dictionary) which means a child is tracked by when they meet milestones and if they meet them at a normal rate they have normative development. This relates to my activities as the information gathered from the observations of my activity could be used to judge whether or not the child is meeting their physical development milestones. Holistic development means the development of the child…show more content…
This policy states that its main goal was “To increase and maintain the proportion of physically active people in Scotland.” (Scottish Government, 2003) And also detailed that they wanted both adults over 16 and children 16 and under to meet the basic physical activity requirements, an hour on most days for children and 30 minutes on most days for adults. This policy links to my health topic as during my activity the children in the room I am working in will be getting an alternative to their normal simple walking or crawling around the room and will encourage their exploration and discovery skills which links to the pre-birth to 3 curriculum. A second policy that links to physical activity is HALL 4 and this policy promoted 3 main aspects of “The allocation of the Health Plan Indicator. The 24-30 month review. The delivery of health improvement information and advice.” (Scottish Government, 2011) For my health topic I will be focusing on the 24-30 month review where the health visitor assigned to the child will keep track, in partnership with parents, the child’s developmental goals for their age. If these goals are not met then the health visitor may make a referral to a different health professional. This policy links to my health topic as one of the development goals is physical activity and play and while I may be working with slightly younger children, this policy is still relevant as this skill must still be developed. One initiative that links to physical activity is Fit Ayrshire Babies as it encourages physical activity both during sessions and at home. This initiative links to my health activities as while my placement is in East Renfrewshire this initiative is still applicable from the basis of physical skills in the Fit Ayrshire Babies sessions. Another initiative that
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