Three Domains Of Learning

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2 Describe the three domains of learning and their application (25)
In learning there is the ability to acquire mental skills, develop different attitudes and perform new physical activities .A domain is A domain is a unique field of thought, activity, or interest, especially one over which someone has control, influence, or rights. Domains can be categorized as cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills) and affective (attitude) and each has different levels from simplest to highest. They help teachers to plan and choose learning experiences and are interlinked depending on each other. They help avoid concentration in one area to the exclusion of others.
The cognitive domain involves the development of our mental skills and the acquisition
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Example: A teacher explains a theory in his own words.
Application is the ability to utilize an abstraction or to use knowledge in a new situation. .learner can apply information in a given situation.
Example: A nurse intern applies what she learned in her Psychology class when she talks to patients.
Analysis the ability to differentiate facts and opinions. The student is able to break down material, detect relationships conduct a thorough examination pf the object for the purpose of revealing its characteristics.
Example: A lawyer was able to win over a case after recognizing logical fallacies in the reasoning of the offender.
Synthesis is the ability to integrate different elements or concepts in order to form a sound pattern or structure so a new meaning can be established…The student can demonstrate and convey new ideas. Words used include demonstrate, formulate or modify.
Examples: A therapist combines yoga, biofeedback and support group therapy in creating a care plan for his
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Responding to Phenomena is active participation of the learner. .Information is acknowledged and responded to accordingly. The behaviour would not have changed yet but information would be having an impact.
Example: Participating in a group discussion.
Valuing is the ability to see the worth of something and express it.The student is beginning to influence behaviour. The process of internalisation will be taking place. The words used for this level are supports assume responsibility.
Example: An activist shares his ideas on the increase in salary of labourers.
Organization is the ability to prioritize a value over another and create a unique value system. After considering their interrelationships and establishing value priorities.
Example: A teenager spends more time in her studies than with her boyfriend.
Characterization is the ability to internalize values and let them control the person`s behaviour. .A consistent behaviour pattern is developed by the individual so the he can be described in terms of his unique personal characteristics.
Example: A man marries a woman not for her looks but for what she is.
The psychomotor domain is comprised of utilizing motor skills and coordinating them. The seven categories under this

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