Reflection On My Strengths And Responsibilities

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Criterion 1 The three strengths I own are team working, problem solving and tehnical skills. Those strengths are pretty well important for a career in specific job field. A example was taken from a industrial training of a diploma programme. My role as technician in a problem solving team to find out the problem of electronic devices such as projector and laptop. I gained great technical experiences by identified many problems efficiently and gave the most supports for team to solved the problem with good team work. We achieved a great performances and results for company to earned interest. Criterion 2 Interpersonal skills is the strength I would like to learn so I have a well communication and interaction in a team. During I did a group assignment with few of teammates in my diploma programme, I realised good communication was needed to have a good performance in…show more content…
I have interested to problem-solving in computing and it will be exciting to solve the task. I learned programming skills, system analysis and design skills and listening skills through my courses and experiences from industrial training. My experiences of industrial training in a hardware maintenance company made that I could worked and effectiveness under stress environment. I believe with those knowledge I will have a well status and prepare for a career. Criterion 8 To become a programmer, I will need to complete my degree and improve self-awareness in first year in college. I have to update my knowledge and continuously improving skills to ensure I meet the condition or requirement in various aspects of career. Whilst I am study I have to continuously ask questions and look to resolve problem and it will gain a great experiences and build up my confidence. I need to focus on software design and technologies such as networking, touch screen and GUI to have good performances in system

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