Explain What Events In Your History Have Made You The Person I Am Today

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What Events In Your History Have Made You The Person You Are Today?

One event that made me the person I am today was the day my baby brother was born. I was an only child at home with two half sisters living somewhere else so I was pretty used to having all the attention. I was daddy’s little princess since the moment I was born! When I was about 7 I started to feel lonely around the house because I had no one else to play with. I started begging my mum to have another baby and I was biased towards her having a baby boy! A couple months later POOF, my mum found out she was pregnant in November 2008. When she told me I was just so happy because my dream was coming true, my new brother or sister was on its way! 2 months later she found out that she was having a baby boy! Her pregnancy to me seemed to last forever but luckily next thing I know my daddy is
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Already at six, my baby boy is growing up. I’m sad that he is but, I know he has a bright future ahead of him and that I will help him throughout every step. His birth would have to be by far the biggest change in my life and even though he could be a pain I love him with all my heart and I’m thankful to God every day that I have…show more content…
My family and I usually argue about stuff but during this whole week it was just smiles and laughter. That was something that I loved most about the whole trip. I was grateful that my parents actually could afford the trip because I know other kids like me can’t. This made me the person I am today because it showed me that being happy is way better than being sad and alone. When I’m having a hard time I just relax and really focus on that trip and how we all loved each other. This vacation hands down became my favorite, I hope I could do it
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