What Does Greatestness Mean To Me Essay

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To me the greatestness president of all time would be Franklin Roosevelt besides being the best and everyone seeing him as a inspiration. But first, before I say why he is the best I will explain what greatestness means to me. Then explain how my president that I choose has all the qualifications to be the greatest of all time. To me greatestness means someone who is better than everyone at what they do and no one can tell them how to do their job because they are that good at it the person tells others how to do their job. This person is number one, not two they are number one and they are remembered for that anything that this person did to become number one and things they did when they were number one they are remembered for that and will…show more content…
Another one would be its okay to fail, but if you get back up that's all that matter. It's not how you fall it's how you get up. To me what also makes someone great is what inspires them if it's money or a person that inspires them to be great the ambition. The person should also have a vision of what they want to be done, they just can't do anything and expect everything to go to plan they have to make the plan and execute it. Also having the drive to be the greatest and also to work harder than most and make sure thing get done. It's also good to have will power the strength to see things through even though you do not have the power to go on you just push yourself to do something and hopefully come out on top. Also being a trustworthy person is good because when people trust you they go to you with any problem and ask for your help and they know that you will understand what they were
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