Explain What Happened After Civil War

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Essay Question Number 2 After the Civil War ended, many things happened. Good and bad, Some of the good things that happened after the Civil War were that the war took in place in most of the southern area so the northern region didn’t have much to rebuild, that’s a good thing for the northern region, but bad for the southern region. A bad thing for the south was that they had sustained lots of damage. Lots of people were lacking the means of providing food, clothing, shelter for themselves and even their family. Mechanization brought farming down and other big businesses. There were so many things that changed after the Civil War and a lot of reasons why they changed. the people changed, the culture, the technology, the economic growth, etc... In my opinion the Civil War was a good thing, but it caused lots of damage and made so many things change. The jobs changed a lot because jobs with technology took over. Farming after the Civil War was nothing compared to the new jobs, everybody just took off. The government changed laws. There was all kinds of things changing after the War.…show more content…
There was so much damage that they were gonna have so much rebuilding to do. They were gonna have to waste so much money on the new buildings new everything! Many African American were refugees, they were homeless and had nothing. There was so much violence in the south after war that it was becoming a bigger problem. There was no American money anywhere in the South. The people only had worthless Confederate money. The Southern banks could not loan out any money because they didn't have any. To make matters worse, the price of cotton fell drastically on the world
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