Explain What Happened To Gnosticism

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What Happened To Gnosticism?
When speaking of Gnosticism, many people today do not know what it is. Their best guess may be “The opposite of Agnosticism”. They may be right in a way because the word “gnosis” translates to “knowledge” and Agnosticism is the lack of knowledge of whether or not there is a deity. Although those two words are opposites of one another, the two religions are unrelated completely. Christianity and Gnosticism, on the other hand, show a close history. During the first through seventh centuries, Gnosticism and Christianity were two of the few mainstream religions. The two battled for followers and approval; Gnosticism and Christianity, being two separate religions, have plenty of distinctions from explaining how life came to be to and explaining what happens after. Why did Christianity endure time, but Gnosticism did not?
From Science to Religion, the questions with the most varied answers are “How did life come to exist?” and “How did the universe come into existence?” In Genesis, it states, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth” straightforwardly explaining how the universe came into existence in the most basic form, God created it. (Genesis 1:1) It
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Some people suppose Gnosticism and Christianity eventually merged because the Gnostic texts are scriptures that were left out of The Bible. Gnostics believed they had the divine knowledge because they knew what Christians did not. Many Christians believed these texts were untrue, and forged by Gnostics. (Robinson)
) Although these two religions share stories, they are two entirely different religions. Gnosticism is closer to a polytheistic religion with all of its different Aeons; Christianity is monotheistic. Gnostics did not endure time because they did not reach out for followers, they did not always accept, and they did not promise salvation. Christians reached out for new followers, accepted all, and promised salvation through
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