Explain What It Means To Worship

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What it means to worship in the Christian faith and what it does to uplift them spiritually What is worship? Worship is giving worth to someone or something, genuine worship is a wholehearted expression of wonder, adoration, love, admiration, celebration, and fascination. It is a great feeling that occurs in your soul as you start to worship God for his love and appreciate him for all he has done. Most Christians today do not know the relevance of worship, true worship is more than singing, lifting hands, bowing heads, closing eyes, and smiling towards heaven. Worship is what connects the physical to the spiritual. What happens during worship? The perfect way to demonstrate what occurs during worship is to observe the worship encounter of Paul and Silas in Acts 16:25-26 ...but at midnight, Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns (worship) to God, the…show more content…
Have ever felt relieved when you worship God in truth and in spirit? Do you feel like a heavy load just fell off your chest? Well, that’s why worship is very valuable to Christians. It is a medium where we give all our troubles to God. He takes it, makes it all good, and then tells us what to do when we meet with him in worship. That is the major reason why you shouldn’t take your worship for granted. It is the hedge we have over others. Anything that happens in the physical has already taken place in the spiritual. That is why as Christians, you need to be connected through worship so you can always receive direction and inspiration from God. True worshippers never lack, they never fail, they understand that there are certain things that prayer cannot do for them but worship does instantly. Remember that God is looking for those that will worship him in spirit and in truth. No matter what they are going through, they know that as long as they are connected to the spiritual, they will stand out physically because when worship rises, blessings
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