Explain What Leadership Means To Me

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What Leadership Means to Me
Leadership means mentoring, guiding, demonstrating and educating members of your team to include yourself. By facilitating growth of knowledge, modeling the way, encouraging open-communication, transparency, shared values and equal “at-stakeness”. Team members will be effective in achieving the organization’s goals as well as their own. The values which form my leadership practices are communication – clear and transparent, honesty and integrity, respect for oneself and others, responsibility, task focus and teamwork.
Current Professional Environment
Currently I am employed as a Service Desk manager. The immediate environment is one pronoia as described by Sashittal Hermitant. Sashittal defines pronoia as an environment where people are valued and trusted and in turn will conspire to support one …show more content…

For all intense purposes she was my mother, she raised me and instilled love, compassion and the work ethic I have today. While at work I received a message saying there was an emergency at home and I needed return home right away. Upon leaving the building I could see there was an ambulance in our drive way. I rushed home to find my grandmother unresponsive. She was on the couch with her head turned to the side and her face was hanging down. I accompanied my grandmother in the ambulance to the hospital. During the ride she was able to answer a few questions which indicated her cognitive abilities were still intact. Once we arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital my grandmother was taken into the area where family members and visitors were not allowed to go. Later a doctor came out to speak with me regarding my grandmother’s condition. He stated she had suffered multiple strokes from the time she was found until they were able to stabilize her at the hospital. He stated she was no longer had her cognitive abilities. What did this mean? She was able to answer some questions in the

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