Explain What Role Did Religion Play In The Early Republic

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What role did religion play in the early republic? What was the relationship between church and state? How generic, specific, orthodox, or minimalist was the early republic’s religion? Comment briefly on the extent to which America was founded as a home for religious liberty. Also comment briefly on the extent to which America can be said to have been founded as a Christian nation. [Keep in mind that theism is not Christianity.] Christianity is the rock on which the American Republic rest. Thru the Hand of Providence aiding the settlers pilgrimage to America, to the grace of the Redeemer redeeming the patriots cause to the unity formed in the Congress, the colonist powerful Friend never ceased from aiding the patriot cause. The holy scriptures are infused in the United States government and the hearts of those Americans who knew the true spirit of liberty. In the beginning of…show more content…
They understood God governs in human affairs. The term separation of church and state is not mentioned in any organic document. The first place it is recorded is in President Thomas Jefferson’s private letter to the Danbury Baptist Association of Connecticut. The Baptist feared that their church would soon be dissolved. President Jefferson, understanding the intent and letter of the Constitution, assured the Baptist there is a “wall of separation between church and state” which the government may not cross and cease control of the church. For as the politicians are, according to Article Three Section two in accordions to Romans 13:4, public ministers, not church officials, must submit to minister of the gospel at the House of God. Same as the ministers of the gospel must submit to the public ministers of the law in government, yet this does not mean they cannot mingle or express views in opposite
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