Describe Your American Dream Essay

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promit- the foundation believes every person has the capability to achieve their American Dream and contribute to the common good through education and opportunity. Describe your American Dream. What role will College play in the fulfillment of your American Dream ? ( word count up to 500 words). My American Dream is for American to be more helpful with granting immigrant United States citizenship.College will help me fulfil my dream by granting me the The opportunities to learn the very complex political relationship and ideas dealing with immigration in United States. Since, I will be learning from the best professors in political science and they will make me make connections further down my political career. I Will make many friends that believe in my cause and will …show more content…

So, one day they could achieve their own American dream. Additionally, if I go to college and graduate I could be one of the many politicians to help America stay true to its original saying on Lady Liberty statue, “ Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. In conclusion, if I go to college and to achieve my American dream I will be helping thousands of others achieving their own dream of coming to America and sending their kids off to college to have a better life and by doing so having this immigration reforms their children could afford to go to college by being able to apply for grants and

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