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What SMI Means to Me I believe that SMI has greatly contributed to shaping the person I am growing up to be. My teachers, friends, and the SMI staff members have helped me to learn about my faith and discover new and future interests and: my talents. I am really grateful for everything that I have been granted at SMI; and here is the first wonderful thing I have been granted at this school; the teachers. It all started on my first day here. It was September, and I was 4 years- old. The year was 2006. When I walked in the front doors of the huge brick building, I realized that it was my first day of school, and I was going to a place called Saint Mary’s I couldn’t really pronounce the word “Institute” when I was 4 years-old, but I would quickly learn how to learn and spell the word thanks to the amazing teachers I have now and have had in the past. They gave me the best education of my life. However, it all started here: in front of the door…show more content…
Teresco. Now let me just say, I knew Mrs. Teresco ever since 2nd grade, when she was our gym teacher. Then, I believe in 4th grade, she started taking over as a science and math teacher. Then in 7th grade, she became my homeroom teacher. As I expected, Mrs. Teresco was one, funny person, and she still is today. We did tons of fun things, such as science lab experiments, sometimes we did games, and we always just seemed to find a laugh at some time during class. My favorite memory of Mrs. Teresco’s class was when we were talking about clothes. I mentioned that my mom doesn’t wear dresses, and then I said she wears a blazer. The entire class laughed, and I didn’t get why they laughed. So, I looked up the definition of blazer, and it happened to be coats for male suits. Woops! The thing that my mom would actually wear is a coat, but it was really long buttoned, so I thought of a blazer. However, I can’t thank Mrs. Teresco enough for everything she has done for me. I will deeply miss
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