Explain What Were The Political Objectives Of The Revolutionary War

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The War of the Revolution What were the political objectives of the British in the Revolutionary war? After the French and Indian war, the British government tried to reduce the debt that occurred during the war. The British tried to collect more taxes throughout the colonies and gain more power over the colonies. The British started out by passing the Stamp Act which was a way for the British to get more money by taxing all paper goods that is printed. The Americans repealed this act and stopped buying British goods. Soon the Americans stopped obeying by Great Britain’s laws all together. The Americans never imagined breaking free from the British government until the repeal of the Stamp Act. With this being said, the British political objectives…show more content…
Along with the British raising taxes, they also started making Americans allow British soldiers to live in their houses. The British government elected people in England to be the lawmakers and the Americans felt like the people in England would not understand their needs. With all these things occurring, the Americans never even considered the freedom from England. When the war started, the Americans came to realize it was their freedom they were fighting for and they were going to be independent. As the war went on, the Americans fought harder for their beliefs and freedom. How could the colonies political objectives be achieved by force of arms? Even though the British army was more experienced and better trained, the Americans soon realized they had too much land for Britain to take over. They used the land to their advantage by letting the British army take over the ports, but the Americans had the rest of the land. The Americans also had the French on their side. The British army was surprised how skilled the Americans were during the war. The Americans always kept in mind what they were fighting for, their freedom. That thought pushed them through the hard times during the
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