Explain Why A Hot Tub Is Better Than A Pool

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Why A Hot Tub Is Better Than A Backyard Pool

If you wish you could install a swimming pool in your backyard, but you don 't have the space or money, they you should think about getting a hot tub instead. A hot tub will provide your family with hours of fun in the water. Here are a few reasons why a hot tub may be even better than a pool.

Easy On Your Budget

Hot tubs are available in a wide price range depending on the size and features you include. You can buy a small portable tub for around $1500 that 's great for two people at a time. You 'll pay more if you want a tub large enough to accommodate friends and family, but it will still be much less than you would pay for a pool. If a swimming pool is out of your price range and you don 't want a cheap kiddie pool in your yard, then installing a hot tub is a great way to enjoy water relaxation any time of the year. Since a hot tub is smaller than a pool, it costs less to heat the water. That means you can enjoy the tub even in the winter, which gives you a good return on your investment.

Requires Less Space

If you have a small yard, a pool may dominate it and leave little space for anything else. If you want flowers, a garden, or a space for kids to play, then you 'll appreciate the small space
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Your tub could have molded lounge seats so you can stretch out and relax in water. The configuration of water jets has endless possibilities. The jets massage your feet, neck, or back. You can get just a few jets or dozens. A hot tub can have built-in drink holders, under water lighting, shade tops, and even exercise attachments. You can get a standard tub that just allows you to soak in very hot water to soothe your sore muscles, or you can buy a hot tub for entertainment and exercise. You can use it with cool, cold, or warm water. A hot tub is very versatile, so you can customize it to the way you like to spend your time in the

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