Explain Why Abigail Is To Blame For The Crucible

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In a small village called Salem, witchcraft and sorcery exist, however everyone is pointing fingers but not a single soul knows who is actually to blame for this nonsense. During this time period of hysteria, there are multiple scenes that are very questionable due to one person and one person only. Abigail is the one most responsible for the hysteria and witchcraft in Salem. She threatens the group of girls that accompanied her in the woods while they all danced. She has also lied about many things on multiple occasions in which causes an extreme amount of suspicion.
For example, Abigail harshly threatens the girls with the fact that she is capable of killing them. The group of girls, deciding that keeping quiet is far better than being murdered, …show more content…

She accuses all of the wives in the village basically, she also shouts names of random people and says that they are capable of witchcraft. Need I remind you that these are innocent women that she is putting all of the blame on, but for what? To save herself, if she as innocent as she claims to be then there should be no need for cover ups. She also lied about Mary Warren being a bird that was apparently attacking her and the girls. She was a very manipulative girl throughout the whole trial, she accused many and lied about a lot. She not only forces the girls to lie but forces herself too.
On the other hand some, more than others, do think that Abigail Williams is nothing but an innocent girl or child. These might have created this opinion based off of her past filled with great trauma and tragedy. She witnessed her parents being murdered with her own two eyes and at such a young age. Not only that, but she was seduced by an elder man whom was her boss and also married. But, that does not change the fact that she has done nothing but lie and manipulate. These are not excuses at all, they do not dismiss what she has

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