Explain Why Abraham Lincoln Was The Strongest President

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There's been a fair amount of president's in the United States. I remember when I was younger and i found out there'd been a lot of presidents, I almost immediately asked, "who was the strongest?" I soon found out who that was in the third grade when I learned all about Abraham Lincoln. I think Abraham Lincoln was America's strongest president because he perservered through a civil war, he repaired the country afterwards and brought us back together again as a nation, and he abolished slavery in the United States.

Imagine you'd just become the principle of a high school. Everything's going great and the kids have taken a liking to you and the kids really believe in what you want to do for the school. Then one day you try to take something away from the students and half the students agree with it and dont agree with it. Then everyone in the high school splits into two teams and starts fighting each other. Thats
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The country was split into two sides, the North and the South. Hundreds and thousands of people died on both sides of the country. Abraham eventually reunited the nation after these bloody and tragic events. One of the things he did to reunite the nation is he put people from the opposing viewpoint to his own into office. Most leaders in the past would only have people of the same view in office. Doing what Abraham did shows his strength as a president.

Anyone who's been through at least primary school will remember learning about how the United States used to support slavery. This was actually the reason the civil war even happened. Abraham tried to get rid of slavery so the north and south broke apart over that dispute. Once Abraham successfully repaired our broken nation, he finally removed slavery from the US entirely. Freeing an entire group of enslaved people is just another display of strength from Abraham
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