Explain Why Are Privacy And Confidentiality So Important To Health Care Practitioners

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In this situation it all really depends on what this coworker is saying because some things may push the limits. What is being said is a big aspect to take into account. One problem is that we as U.S. citizens we have the right to freedom of speech and depending on how disrespectful the comments are there could be grounds for sexual harassment charge legally. The coworker may just be in bad taste, but I don’t know what he said it only tells me he makes suggestive comments. If I were in the situation I would speak directly to the person and tell them how I feel about their comments, if it doesn’t stop I got further to allow my employer to know, and if it just gets worse I would file a legal complaint. Lastly, there are definitely grounds for a sexual harassment complaint because in the text claims that sexual harassment may be verbal and it is creating an offensive work environment, if it has come to the point that someone is resigning because of the comments that is enough grounds for the complaint.…show more content…
Explain your answer. Why are privacy and confidentiality so important to patients and to health care practitioners? If family members and friends are asking about information on others during the course of my employment, one should allow them to know that it is legally and ethically incorrect to do so. Deepen the explanation allow them to know how important privacy and confidentiality is so important. Privacy and confidentiality are so important because when others know information about a patient some will use it against them. This may lead to wrongful termination of the patient, or the termination of oneself, or cause the patient to feel

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