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What is the greatest sport? Well I believe that baseball is the greatest sport of them all. Even if other people say it’s boring, or if they don’t like it, I still think it's the best. Baseball is one of those sports that if you are out of shape or in shape you can still make an impact on the game. And people think that baseball is not an athlete's sport, but the bases are 90ft. And if you try to run all four of them it comes out to 360 ft. But if you are unathletic you are still given the chance to make an impact. Or I remember i saw this one kid that was missing a leg and he was striking everyone out and hitting home runs and stuff like that I have had many of good and bad experiences when I play. The bad experiences happen when I know I…show more content…
Or some of my teammates. One of my teammate and friend, named Steve has been with me for about 2 years now. And I am very confident, that if you ask him what's the greatest sport ever, he will say Baseball. Also reason I think it’s the best sport is because you can be the best player in the world and still be bested by someone else. And this sport is very unpredictable, like I was once playing in a tournament where the first seed(best team) was playing the last seed(worst team). And of course you think the better team is gonna win, but the other team blew out the first seed by a lot. And baseball is a sport of passion, but nowadays people are saying its disrespect. Have you seen those videos of people hitting and throwing the bat? Well some people find that as disrespectful, but I think it's a way to tell him to start pitching better. And once we were in a tournament and they hit me in the shoulder blade and they hit my teammate. Then whenever my team will make an error they would laugh. And in this sport there is an unwritten rule that if the pitcher from the other team hit someone on yours then your pitcher will hit one of

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