Explain Why Children Drop Out Of Sports Essay

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Children all over the world as young as five and up are involved with sports. Sports offer a great way to acquire traits such as leadership, communication, time management, and discipline (UK). It's healthy for kids to put down video games and associate themselves with physical activity. But parents and coaches are now pushing kids a lot harder than ever. This usually leads to an injury or burnout. Pushing kids too hard destroys them physically and emotionally. Consequently, children drop out of sports at a young age because they aren't having fun, they don't get playing time, and they are afraid to make mistakes (O'Sullivan). According to research, 70 percent of kids in the United States drop out of organized sports by the age of thirteen…show more content…
Hard-core training, lack of playing time, and being afraid to make mistakes are all factors that contribute to this issue. Parents and coaches have stood back and allowed sports to become professionalized. They have this idea that all kids should be playing sports to potentially become professional athletes; therefore, they push children too hard to be the best. This is what prompts kids to withdraw from sports. To solve cases like this, parents should stop asking ¨Did you win?¨ But rather ask ¨Did you have fun today?¨ Secondly, If a child is picked to play on a team, coaches should find playing time for them. If not, parents should ask their children if they are unhappy. If they are not enjoying themselves, consider finding them a different team to play on. One where all the players are treated equally. Lastly, kids are afraid of making mistakes because they are growing up in a world that pressures them to be perfect. Instead of scolding our kids after every mistake they make, we should train them to learn from it. Make sure coaches let them know to keep trying until they achieve their goals. Sports give kids great experiences and life lessons, as well as a start to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If kids drop out early, they will not get those benefits. This is why it is important that action is taken to combat these
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